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The Prev and Next buttons allow you to go back to previous schedules and advance forward to future schedules.

buttons for going back to previous schedule and advancing to next schedule

Future Schedule Option

If the future schedule is blank, an option will be given for copying the active schedule forward.

pop-up option for copying active schedule forward to future schedule that is blank

{note} This may be an acceptable way to create the next schedule. However, as the current schedule plays out and changes are made, it may no longer reflect the best starting point for a new schedule. This is where the Snapshots feature may be preferred.

Editing Buttons

The editing buttons allow for copy/paste/delete and undo/redo, respectively.

editing buttons for copy paste delete and undo redo

With cells highlighted, as Schedule Body demonstrates, you can copy a group of selected cells by clicking the copy button and paste the values by selecting the location where the values are to be pasted and clicking the paste button as shown below.

copy paste cell values

You can delete values from highlighted cells by selecting a range of cell values to be deleted and clicking the delete button.

delete cell values

And you can also undo and redo previous actions taken on the cells.

undo redo


You can save the schedule at any time by clicking on the check mark button.


Saving is done automatically whenever a feature is activated, schedules are toggled or upon logging out. But when in doubt and especially after making changes, it's always a good idea to save manually.

{note} The Snapshots feature is another way to save the schedule. A snapshot is a good way to save the current version of the schedule that you may want to come back to later on or whose pattern you may want to apply to future date ranges.

Gear Icon

The Gear Icon provides a drop-down menu that serves as the main entry point of the application features.

Gear Icon and Drop-Down Menu

See the Application Features section of the documentation for an in depth discussion of each feature. Below is a summary listing: