Simplifying the Complexity of Staffing

Developed within the Health Care industry for the Health Care industry. More than a scheduling app, it's a philosophy and approach for scheduling well that saves both time and money.

challenges and considerations of scheduling

Sound familiar? It's time to give One Click Schedule a try.

Tired of scheduling being a huge pain?

Simple table layout and one-click views of key information make it easier than ever.

Clean, intuitive interface.

Value minimalism and simplicity? The table interface allows you to enter staff and shifts just as you would in an Excel or Google document with a powerful code base behind the scenes doing the heavy lifting for you. Check out our great videos and documentation to get started.

One Click Schedule Interface

Snapshots of Schedules.

You're done with next month's schedule. Everybody's weekly patterns are represented. The schedule is clean and beautiful. Wouldn't it be great if you could take a snapshot of this schedule and use it to apply to future schedules? With Snapshots you can.

Custom Number of Staff and Scheduling Time Periods

Easily monitor staffing levels.

Monitoring staffing levels has never been easier. With the click of a button, see in one view every hour of every day and which shifts are over scheduled, underscheduled and just right according to your target staffing levels.

Staffing levels

Don't Take Our Word For It

What our partners are saying...

"I use One Click Schedule daily. Couldn't imagine scheduling without it! Snapshots make it especially easy to get started on next month's schedule saving me a lot of time."

Lena G. Ernst, PhD, Retreat Healthcare - Alzheimer's Specialty Care


"We love it! Seeing our scheduled staff relative to our target levels at a glance is huge! It used to require a lot of work to have that level of insight. One Click Schedule is of great help to us."

Melissa Spiers, North Ridge - Alzheimer's Special Care Center